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Escape From Granny & Grandpa – Play Granny Chapter 2 Game on PC

Oh no, you are captured once again! This time, you have to escape from an eerie five-story mansion within five days. Aside from that, Granny is joined by her beloved Grandpa in this new chapter, making the escape twice as hard. So now that there are two of them, can you possibly survive? Are you even brave enough to dare? What happens if you fail to escape within 5 days? Well, let’s just say it’s not going to be good. Experience yet another series of chilling thrills on Granny: Chapter 2!


Escape From Granny’s Clutches Again

After a bumpy car ride, you wake up feeling dizzy in a dark eerie room, and you know there is only one thing to do. That is to escape from this horrifying mansion again! Unfortunately, the front door is enclosed with different kinds of locks and you need to be resourceful once again to plot your exit. Like the first chapter, you need to look around the house and find items that can be used to solve puzzles and escape.

However, things are not going to be easy. Granny hears everything and Grandpa is roaming around freely with a bloody bat in hand. Attempting to escape won’t be easy, for sure. While you go roam around the mansion, you have to make sure that Granny or Grandpa cannot see or even hear you!

There are lots of interactive items in the game that you can pick up and stash. There are also two weapons that you can use to protect yourself from Granny and Grandpa. These weapons are not powerful enough to kill them, but it can slow them down. With such weapons, you have the time and chance to run away and hide!

Challenging Puzzles to Solve & Traps to Avoid

Like most escape games, there are puzzles that you need to solve. Before certain items could work or before some doors or areas are unlocked, you have to look for particular pieces that would complete them. But you have to be quick! Remember, you only have 5 days to get out of the mansion, so use your wits and think fast.

Solving puzzles are quite hard, and you know what makes it more difficult to run away from Granny and Grandpa? Bear Traps. They are scattered around the house. So watch your step and be careful!

Two Main Ways of Escape

In Granny: Chapter 2, there are two escape routes that you can take. The first one is through the sewer on a rusty boat, and the second is through an electrified door. But no matter which route you choose, you will still go through tons of puzzles and areas to unlock. So be careful and try not to get caught! While you are on your way to the escape route, you must be able to hide in certain places in case Granny or Grandpa walks into the room. You can hide under beds, wardrobes, or closets quickly before any one of them sees you.

Play This Horror Game in Various Difficulty Levels

There are five different levels of difficulty in Granny: Chapter 2. These are Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy, and Practice. Of course, the Hard and Extreme levels are definitely not for the faint-hearted. So if you want to start slow, you should choose Practice Mode.

Playing in Practice Mode will allow you to roam around the house without Granny and Grandpa lurking nearby. In that mode, you can try out different things and identify potential hiding spots. However, there are still creepy and unsafe elements, so best to be careful and stay out of harm’s way!

If you are brave enough to dare playing Granny: Chapter 2, get the game on PC today! It’s completely free. Just click on our download box or go to our download page to get started.

Game Features

  • Double the trouble! Granny is not alone this time, Grandpa is also joining her to get you!
  • Discover a bunch of weapons and other items to utilize for your escape.
  • Solve challenging puzzles and avoid traps. 
  • Challenge yourself in various difficulty levels: Extreme, Hard, Normal, Easy, and Practice.
  • Find your way out from a mansion within 5 days!
Granny: Chapter 2 Features

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Check out these game screenshots.

Granny: Chapter 2 Game Screenshot
Granny: Chapter 2 Game Screenshot

Escape From Granny & Grandpa – Play Granny Chapter 2 Game on PC